Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 7:30pm

This event has passed.

The Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow, Scotland is the oldest surviving Music Hall. It is the theater where Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy, first performed in 1906. One element of the festival's mission is to educate the public about the rich history of the variety arts. Music Halls were a major part of that history. To help with this restoration project is the chance of a lifetime. 

The Moisture Festival presents our 13th year of high energy comedy/varietè shows featuring a rapid succession of acts showcasing comedy alongside awe-inspiring physical and mental dexterity, with poignant moments of strength and delicate beauty to make audiences laugh, wonder, shake their heads in disbelief and truly appreciate how live entertainment can exhilarate and bring real joy. A live show band propels each performance. Varietè has its roots in the Music Halls of 19th century England, cabaret in Europe and vaudeville in America. Because of the talented artists currently working in this genre, it is still fresh, exciting and tremendous fun for the audience.


Broadway Performance Hall

1625 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122